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Exhibition at The Walled Nursery, Hawkhurst

Anne-Catherine loved painting in The Walled Garden, St Ronan's (as it was known). Some of these paintings are now being exhibited and are for sale in the setting where they originated.

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The artist Anne-Catherine Phillips, who died on 2 April 2014, left behind a wonderful body of paintings as her legacy

An account of her life and work, Anne-Catherine, A Painter’s Life (Podkin Press, 368pp) was published in July 2015 as a catalogue to accompany the Retrospective Exhibition of her work held in Kent on 17-19 July 2015.
This website provides a comprehensive overview of her work, and a guide to those paintings that still remain available for sale.
If you would like to enquire about a purchase or buy a book, please contact: Duncan@swiftwriting.net
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